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Lindhaus produces a range of professional machines for the suction and washing of floors and carpets of hotels and restaurants.

They are all certified, high-efficiency machines for deep cleaning designed for easy use by non-expert personnel.

The cleaning effectiveness and speed of use allow substantial time savings.


LW44 Flexy – LW52 Flexy

Dynamic washing and excellent drying



Battery or Electric Broom / vacuum cleaner / carpet cleaner

Superlight Multifunction Backpack vacuum cleaner for floors and carpets


LS38 L-ion – Electric

 Multifunction Vacuum  Sweeper for hard floors and carpets

Two motor ultra light carpet cleaner


LS50 Hybrid – Electric

Wide area upright vacuum cleaner!



HF6 Pro eco FORCE

Multifunction vacuum / carpet cleaner


LW30 – LW38 eco Force

High Tech Compact Scrubber


LW30 L-ion

Compact battery scrubber drier

Electronic power nozzle for carpets and rugs



Neutral Floor cleaner / maintainer.



Universal degreaser with solvent.



Floor cleaner super degreaser



Deodorant cleaner for textile.



Textile stain removal

Hall cleaning and washing

The hall is a particular environment always open to the public with a large entrance carpet always full of dirt (sand, little rocks, dust). That carpet is the first business card of the structure. To keep it clean, safe, fast and without hindrance for customers, we recommend the LS38 L-ion battery powered vacuum sweeper. The compact machine, always ready to use, cleans both carpets and floors of any type, from the roughest (cotto, Klinker) to the most delicate (marble and wood). Its low profile (only 14cm) allows cleaning under low furniture, chairs and sofas. For washing the Hall we recommend two scrubber drier machines based on the spaces to be washed: LW30 L-ion for spaces up to 200m2 and the LW46 Hybrid for larger spaces. Both machines wash and dry the floors making the area immediately accessible to customers without the risk of slipping. The washing and drying speed is exceptional so that the floor is available in a few minutes. The detergent we recommend is Lindhaus Neutrolux: neutral brightening and perfumed maintainer. It leaves no residue, does not foam, has a pleasant fragrance and leaves a shiny effect without making the floor slippery.

Restaurant Vacuuming and washing

The restaurant is an environment that requires specific machines because the spaces are narrow (chairs, tables) and with big debris. You need small, manageable machines that are not afraid to suck up even large debris. We recommend the LS38 L-ion vacuum sweeper because it has no problem mechanically picking up toothpicks or bread sticks up to 10mm. The certified absolute filtration ensures that the sucked dirt and dust does not return to the environment. If the restaurant is developed on several levels, we recommend the LB4 L-ion backpack vacuum cleaner. The Superleggera and powerful machine sucks both under the tables, between the chairs but also the stairs and the above the floor surfaces. It uses the same lithium battery as LS38 and also has a filtration system certified with an optional Hepa filter. Washing can be done only with the compact scrubber-dryers LW30 pro - LW38 pro eco Force with cable or with the LW30 L-ion battery powered. The detergent we recommend is Lindhaus Neutrolux: neutral brightening and perfumed maintainer. It leaves no residue, does not foam, has a pleasant fragrance and leaves a shiny effect without making the floor slippery. For greasy floors, we recommend the Lindhaus Actiplus alkaline degreasing cleaner. This detergent is also totally foam-free, non-corrosive and designed for Lindhaus machines.

Rooms, bathrooms and corridors always impeccable

The rooms are generally carpeted or in wood. The dimensions are often small but there are also 100sqm suites. In the room you have to consider the floor that can be walked on around the bed, the floor under the bed, table and chair, the bathroom in ceramic or marble and the surfaces and the above the floor (headboards, bedside tables, pictures and curtains) that must be periodically vacuumed. We have developed various specific machines for these mixed situations:
  1. If the room is predominantly carpeted, we recommend the Dynamic 300 - 380 eco Force multifunction carpet cleaners equipped with a roller cover specific for carpets and floors. The machine is very stable (it never falls thanks to the patented weight distribution), it also vacuums hard floors and is equipped with a complete set of accessories on board for cleaning the upper parts.
  2. For the sanitation of carpets and rugs, the same carpet cleaner Dynamic is supplied with the DCS dry cleaning system. Lindhaus offers also the spotter LS500 and the powder LD600 for the perfect Dry Cleaning.
  3. If the room has a hard floor, we recommend the multi-function vacuum cleaner with HF6 pro accessories on board
  4. For washing the floors we recommend the LW30 pro eco Force compact scrubber-dryer. It can be equipped with a kit for washing injection / extraction and glass washer.
  5. For the cleaning of carpeted corridors we recommend Dynamic 450 or if the corridor surfaces are thousands of square meters, surely the right machine is the LS50 Hybrid cordless carpet sweeper for large surfaces

Hygiene and efficiency in the kitchen

The kitchen is the most difficult environment to keep clean with manual systems. The machines, thanks to mechanical action and instant drying can solve many problems: deep cleaning of the grouts and non-slip floors, working speed, drying, about 50 times less water and detergent than manual systems. We recommend the LS38 L-ion vacuum sweeper for the dust and debris pick up with Hepa certified filtration due to its exceptional capacity to collect debris with extreme lightness and maneuverability and the absence of the cable. For washing according to the size of the kitchen, we recommend LW30 L-ion or LW46 Hybrid. Also in this case, especially for safety and ease of use, we recommend battery-powered machines. The detergent we recommend is Lindhaus Actiplus alkaline degreasing detergent. This detergent is totally foam-free, non-corrosive and designed for Lindhaus machines. If a powerful degreasing cleaner is needed, only for use with the LW46 Hybrid machine, we recommend Lindhaus Actistrong.