Linda eco 7 Hepa



  • Special patented nozzle M29R
  • Felt base (optional)
  • High efficiency Rotafil vacuum motor 700W
  • Light and manoeuvrable
  • The dirt comes from the top by falling and fills up the filter bag completely
  • Electronic power nozzle (optional) turns it to a carpet cleaner and a dry         cleaning system
  • Back pack vacuum cleaner (optional)
  • 7-stage filtration and Hepa filter (standard)
  • Blowing function (optional)
  • Full set of accessories


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Record the guarantee

1. The patented M29R Lindhaus universal nozzle with 4 rubber wheels and all around suction can be equipped with a felt plate to vacuum and polish delicate floors such as wood and marble.

2. The machine goes down completely horizontally for easy access under low furniture and beds.

3. The blowing function (optional) makes it possible to dislodge the most difficult dust to be sucked.

4. The electronic overload control switches off the motor of the power nozzle in case of excessive overload and provides guidelines for the proper base adjustment.

The “Dry Cleaning System” DCS is integrated.

5. The flex hose for the above the floor cleaning is mounted on top of the

machine without removing the nozzle and without carrying the whole weight of the machine.

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