Robby evo



  1. Intelligent system to avoid obstacles
  2. For floors and carpets
  3. Mechanical collection + suction
  4. Cleaning corners and along the wall
  5. Overcome obstacles up to 1.5 cm and do not fall down the stairs
  6. 3-level filtration system with Hepa filter
  7. 6 motors (suction, roller, 2 brushes, 2 wheels)
  8. Automatic water distribution control
  9. Safety LED flashing lights
  10. Very low profile: only 8 cm
  11. Ultra-silent: only 54 db (A)


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It goes everywhere

Robby is only 8 cm tall and passes easily under the beds, low furniture and suspended sanitary ware both when it sweeps and sucks and when it washes. Its long side bristles perfectly clean corners and along the wall.

Remote control

All the functions are selected from the remote control, the switching ON and OFF times are programmed and, thanks to the quick choice menu, different paths and types of cleaning can be done with a simple click.

Cleaning system mechanical + suction

The side brushes collect dust and debris by conveying them to the center where the roller collects in the dust bin. Above the dust bin there are 3 filters with final Hepa filter. The digital motor sucks after the Hepa filter. In this way the machine sweeps, sucks and retains dust.

Charging station

When Robby has a low battery with a residual of 20%, automatically turns off the suction motor and the roller / brush motor and returns to the charging station.

Maintenance without tools

Emptying the dust bin is simple and requires no tools, as well as access to all filters. The removal of the roller cover, the roller itself and the side brushes do not require tools. The water tank releases like the dust bin. Emptying and filling is instinctive.

Washing with microfiber

Robby is also a comfortable floor washing with microfiber cloth. The 0.4 lt water tank makes it possible to wash about 50 m² of floor. The water dosing is electronically adjusted and is uniform over the entire surface of the cloth. Suitable for non-delicate floors: ceramic and linoleum.

Lindhaus Neutrolux cleaner

Lindhaus Neutrolux cleaner concentrate at 1% it is based on perfumed neutral soap and nano sphereof silicon, allows you to sanitize floors of any type including marble and wood creating a shiny effect without making them slippery.

 A full set of spare parts supplied

Lindhaus supplies a whole series of spare parts supplied to guarantee at least 1 year of service without additional expenses.


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