Lindhaus Healtcare Pro HEPA | Lindhaus Carpet Cleaner Healtcare

HEALTHCARE pro eco FORCE Multifunction Electric Broom



Electric broom / multifunction carpet cleaner


  • Ideal for mixed environments: carpet - floor
  • Light, quite and very easy to handle
  • Patented universal brush for floors and carpets
  • Backpack kit (optional)
  • Blower (optional)
  • Accessories on board
  • Quick release for switching from electric broom to carpet cleaner 
  • Integrated dry-cleaning system


  1. The patented M29R Lindhaus universal nozzle with 4 wheels and all around suction can be equipped with a felt plate (optional) to vacuum and polish delicate floors such as wood and marble.
  2. The blowing function (optional) makes it possible to dislodge the most difficult dust to be sucked. The use of a second hose allows to suck while blowing. 
  3. The M30e power nozzle (optional) is equipped with the integrated DCS dry cleaning system. 


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