Among our professional line of cleaning machines we selected three models ideal for cleaning car showrooms. We chose these three machines, because, in those particular locations, it is usually required to clean both large, empty areas and small rooms congested with furniture.


We therefore first chose the LS38 L-ion, the new vacuum sweeper for floors and carpets. It is battery-powered, , particularly light and handy.  It is the most innovative and effective choice for sweeping and vacuuming dust and debris.


As regards the washing stage of wide spaces, we chose the LW46 Hybrid, the floor scrubbing machine working either with cord and/or battery, ensuring a working capacity of 1500 m² / h.


For tight spaces, like small living rooms or between cars, the LW30 L-ion, the battery-powered floor scrubber is the proper machine  for its maneuverability and ease of use.  The perfect machine due to its maneuverability and ease of use, it is light, only 11.4 kg. and it works with a Lithium Ion 36V - 6Ah interchangeable battery ensuring a runtime of 20 minutes.






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