We recommend the right machines for every professional sector

The menu of the Lindhaus website has been enriched by a new entry: Professional Sectors. These are pages that specifically concentrate on the cleaning needs of individual market segments (e.g. hotels and restaurants, wellness, car dealers, transport vehicles).


For every professional sector we have combined the Lindhaus professional machines and detergents corresponding to every single floor cleaning requirement. So, for example, for the suction of a large carpet placed in a hotel lobby, we recommend the LS38 L-ion battery-powered vacuum sweeper, while for washing the hall we recommend two scrubber driers based on the dimensions of the areas to be cleaned: LW30 L-ion for spaces up to 200 m² and LW46 Hybrid for larger spaces.


The goal of these new pages is to provide Lindhaus distributors and their customers with a new sales support. In fact, these information sheets can help identify the most appropriate solutions to match any specific need for floor cleaning in different professional locations. 


In this regard, we invite you to visit the pages of the professional sectors: Lindhaus website

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