Pulire 2019 - News

Lindhaus will present great news at the Pulire event, the smart show in

Verona (21-23 May 2019).


First of all we will reveal the advanced prototype of a new hybrid electric

broom that will certainly not fail to intrigue the experts who will visit the

Lindhaus stand.


Some news also about  the LB4 Superleggera backpack vacuum cleaner

launched in 2018. This is not an absolute novelty, as the machine was already

presented at the Issa Interclean in Amsterdam last year, however  the model

we will show at Pulire will be even lighter. The L-ion version will have exactly

the same weight - including battery - as the electric version equal to  3.8 kg only.   


Among the innovations we will be presenting, one concerns also Robby, the

domestic robot that sweeps, vacuums and mops. Robby is already much

appreciated by the Lindhaus distribution network, mainly  for its quietness, the

mechanical cleaning system, the ability to overcome obstacles and mopping with

micro fiber. Among the novelties of the new Robby we point out the LED safety

lights and the "virtual wall" (optional), a magnetic tape to be laid on the portion

of the floor to be insulated, which prevents Robby from accessing it.


Lindhaus at Pulire 2019

Hall 6 stand C5/1



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