Rotafil high efficiency motors for Lindhaus distributors

Rotafil is a manufacturer of quality electric motors founded in 1960. All Lindhaus machines have always been equipped with Rotafil motors. Today Lindhaus offers its distributors a range of Rotafil motors as spare parts for the main cleaning machines of all brands.


One of the main reasons for the success of Lindhaus machines in the professional cleaning market is due, in particular, to the reliability and long lifetime of the Rotafil motors.

In fact, Rotafil AC motors ensure a minimum lifetime of 1100 hours, which means a minimum life of 15 years for the domestic machines and 8 years for the professional ones, while the DC motors, used on all battery-powered professional machines ensure minimum 3000 hours of work.


The available offer of Rotafil spare motors is for the following type of machines:


- Suction motors for vacuum cleaners and wet vacuum cleaners;

- Suction motors for battery-powered and electric scrubber driers


Please visit the Rotafil website to view images and technical specifications of each motor.

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