The versatility and effectiveness of the LW30-38 eco Force on all floors

We have renewed the Lindhaus multi-functional scrubbing machine LW30-38 eco Force with the aim of further improving its performance.


We are talking about the lightest (10.2 - 10.6 kg) and lowest (14 cm only) professional scrubber driers in the world, a line of cleaning machines

with a perfect ergonomic balance. To improve performances we have included in the new version:

  • front water tank hook, to improve water tank opening and closing operations;
  • automatic shutdown of the pump; in case of lack of water an electronic control switches off the pump automatically;
  • to match maximum performance efficiency and energy savings, we have brought the total power to 900W (Europe) with reduced consumption by about 20%;
  • we have paid particular attention to the cleaning of delicate floors and for this reason we have reduced the rotation speed of the brush roller from 1800 to 1500 rpm;
  • we have further improved the noise level of the machine by 4db(A).


These are improvements that make the LW30-38 eco Force models particularly versatile machines, suitable for cleaning any type of flooring.


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