LS38 L-ion Mini Sweeper

LS38 the patented mini sweeper,  which revolutionizes this market segment.


The mini sweepers with mechanical collection existing on the market and suitable

for hard and outdoor floors only, without suction and filtration, led us to conceive,

design and build the , a mini sweeper  equipped with a patented twin force

mechanical collection + suction and a filtration system at 6 levels (able to filter

micro dusts too).


It is a 100% Made in Italy machine, with an international patent, which is small in

size but distinguished by its ability to ensure great performance thanks to a new

construction concept that makes it the ideal solution for mixed areas, hard floors /

carpets, allowing it to move from cleaning a floor to a carpet without changing anything.


LS 38, available in both battery (LS38 L-ion) and electric (LS38 Electric) versions,

is characterized by the excellent mechanical suction force. The mechanical collection

occurs by the action of two counter-rotating rollers which, rotating at 2000 rpm guide

dust and debris into a conveyor that leads the dirt directly into the filter bag.


A great maneuverability characterizes the use of this machine, thanks to 100 gr of

ergonomic handle weight only, the telescopic aluminum wand, the real steering action

and the low profile (14 cm), which allows easy access under furniture.

The ultra-light 36V - 6Ah lithium battery provides high running time (50 minutes on hard  

floors and 40 minutes on carpets, 800 recharge cycles).

The low energy consumption is another strength of this new machine which, by the action

of the adjustable front flap, modifies the opening of the suction mouth, as wide as the

rollers, allowing to vacuum even large objects (up to 9 mm thickness) without

annoying clogging.


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