The spread of allergies is an increasingly widespread problem in modern society.

It is estimated that the different types of allergies concern at least 30% of the world population. From the thirty-years experience

gained in the manufacture of professional cleaning machines, Lindhaus has created a new line for allergy sufferers. These are

three high efficiency filtration machines to be used to provide the maximum cleaning in domestic environments:


VALZER 5 HEPA CLASS A    Multifunction electric broom;

LETIZIA HEPA CLASS A +    Multifunction vacuum cleaner;

LAVINIA 30                             Floor scrubber drier


Valzer is a special multi-function electric broom with a 6-levels filtration system plus Hepa filter (standard). It is equipped with the special

patented M29R nozzle + felt base, high efficiency motor, electronic control of the suction power with soft start and LED and electronic power

nozzle with LED depth lights that transforms it into a carpet cleaner / dry carpet cleaner. The machine is also equipped with the blowing function,

which allows you to remove dust from hard-to-reach areas. Light and user friendly, Valzer vacuums completely laid down horizontally for easy

access under low furniture and beds.




Letizia is a multi-function canister vacuum /carpet cleaner with 8 filtration stages, exhaust  Hepa filter and a powerful blowing

function. Compact and lightweight, the frontal and inclined attachment point of the connector and the three pivoting rubber

wheels allow the machine to be easily maneuvered around obstacles. The 360​​° soft rubber bumper protects the machine, doors

and furniture from scratches and bumps. Thanks to the use of a special stainless steel telescopic wand and the patented Lindhaus

nozzles is Letizia is very versatile cleaning machine.




Lavinia 30 is the lightest (10.2 kg) and lowest (14 cm only) multi-function scrubber drier in the world. The machine scrubs  and dries

immediately in both directions, leaving the floors deeply cleaned also between the grooves and perfectly dry. The roller pressure is

adjustable according to the indications of the sophisticated electronic control of the roller speed (1500 RPM). It provides the shutdown

of the motor in case of overload. Lavinia, if equipped with the carpet nozzles and the perfumed deodorant Lindhaus Textile detergent,

it becomes a carpet cleaner (optional) with efficient mechanical action and excellent drying.


Click here to read all the strengths and features of Lavinia https://www.lindhaus.it/it/prodotti/healthcare-domestic-line/lavinia-30/

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