The new line of cleaners suitable for floors, fabrics and carpets

Lindhaus has developed high efficiency products to remove any kind of dirt.


Lindhaus has developed a new line of cleaners for floor, fabrics and carpets. A novelty even more significant if you consider that it is the result of over three years of testing. Dozens of different solutions of cleaners have been tried with Lindhaus machines to get high quality products. They don't make foam and don't damage the machines, unlike the majority of products on the market. The range consists of 3 cleaners for floors and 3 cleaners for fabrics and carpets which Mr Michele Massaro, President of Lindhaus is introducing in the videos.


Video about cleaners







Cleaners for floors


Neutrolux, neutral, maintainer cleaner. VIDEO 


Actiplus, universal, degreaser cleaner. VIDEO  


Actistrong, highly alkaline degreaser cleaner. VIDEO  



Cleaners for fabrics and carpets:


Textile, cleaner for carpets, rugs and fabrics. VIDEO  


Eco Dry LS500, liquid stain remover cleaner. VIDEO  


Eco Dry LD600 absorbent microsponges for dry cleaning. VIDEO  


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