We explain you how Lindhaus uses nanotechnology for its cleaning systems


We explain you how Lindhaus uses nanotechnology for its cleaning systems

Silver nanospheres are used on machine filters, while nanospheres of silicone ensure slide proof, polishing effect to Neutrolux detergent.

Nanotechnology is a branch of applied science and technology which deals with the study of matter in the name of the infinitely small, in the order of a billionth of a meter. It is a science based not on materials, but on the individual components that characterize them. Lindhaus follows closely the evolution of scientific research in this regard, with the aim of transferring innovations in the design of machines and detergents suitable  to guarantee a perfect cleaning of floors and fabrics. Two examples are represented by the use of:

- Total silver nanospheres for filters used in Lindhaus machines;

- Sylicon nanospheres used as components of the neutral floor detergent Neutrolux.

The Total silver nanospheres are spayed on all exhaust filters of vacuum cleaners, electric brooms and carpet cleaners. The practical effect is that viruses, fungus and spores which survive the passage of the other filters, are eliminated in contact with the final filter impregnated with silver ions. The exhaust air is thus filtered and free from microorganisms harmful to humans.

The sylicon nanospheres used in the Neutrolux detergent allow first of all to obtain a shiny effect without making the floor slippery, as it is the case when using detergents with wax. The extra benefit in the use of these particular nanospheres is  the partial waterproofing of the floor with the result of obtaining less adherence of dirt to the floor itself

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