Lindhaus Robby (robot)

New version for Lindhaus Robby, the intelligent robot that, in addition to

sweeping and vacuuming hard floors and carpets, mops the floors on the

surface. This is a particularly recommended solution for people having  pets,

in line with the requests of a demanding market such as domestic robots,

increasingly crowded and therefore eager for higher quality to emerge.


It is equipped with 3 filtration levels with HEPA filter. It overcomes obstacles

up to 1.5 cm height and does not fall down the stairs. The profile of 8 cm

only allows Robby to easily access under furniture. Robby is ultra quiet with

54 db (A) only, this new version is equipped with LED security lights and

virtual wall as an accessory to define areas not accessible to the machine (optional).


NEW LED security lights

Thanks to these lights, it is possible to see Lindhaus Robby in action even in the dark.


NEW Virtual wall (optional)

Thanks to this accessory it is possible to prevent access to Robby.


We discover in sequence the main features of Robby shown also in the presentation video:



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