Lindhaus Robby, the smart robot that sweeps and does a basic wet/dry cleaning

Lindhaus enters the market of robot vacuum cleaners with Robby, a product that, besides sweeping and

vacuuming floors and carpets, it does a basic wet/dry cleaning. This machine is particularly recommended

for people who own pets, in line with the requests of a demanding market as that of domestic robots,

which is increasingly crowded thus eager for higher quality to stand out.


It goes everywhere: Robby is 7 cm high only


It overcomes obstacles easily: Robby overcomes obstacles up to 1.5 cm and does not fall down the stairs.


Remote control: All functions are selected from the remote control and the working time is programmed.


Mechanical cleaning system + vacuuming: The side rotating brushes collect dust and debris by conveying

them to the center where, thanks to the central roller, everything is collected in the dust bin. Above the dust

bin there is a Hepa filter system. This way the machine sweeps, vacuums and holds dust.


Super quiet

One of Robby's strength is its low sound 54 db (A) that allows working without disturbing people.


Charging station: Robby has a runtime of 120 min. when the battery is low, it automatically returns

to the charging station. When it is fully charged, it works for another 120 min. or ends up its job.


Maintenance without tools: Emptying the dust bin requires no tools, as well as accessing to all filters.

The removal of the roller and side brushes do not require tools. The water tank releases like the dust bin.


Mopping with microfiber: Robby is also a convenient floor mop with a microfiber cloth. The 0.4 lt water tank

makes it possible to mop about 50 m2 of the floor. The water dosing is electronically controlled and uniform

over the entire surface of the cloth. Suitable for non-delicate floors: ceramic and linoleum.


Lindhaus Neutrolux cleaner

Lindhaus Neutrolux cleaner concentrated at 1% is based on scented neutral soap and nanospheres of silicon.

It enables to sanitize floors of any type including marble and wood, creating a shiny effect without making them slippery.


Let's find out in sequence the main features of Robby, also illustrated in the video presentation:


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