Lindhaus Digital Pro, top filtration efficiency and zero pollution

The switch from the electric motor to the brushless motor is an epochal turning point in the new Digital Pro line of vacuum cleaners.


Rotafil digital brushless motors work silently and always in top conditions, without presenting the friction noise of the brushes of electric motors. Another positive point is that these are eco-friendly motors.


The reduction of the polluting level represents a particularly significant result in terms of sustainability. A very important feature in times when the world is affected by the health emergency due to the pandemic of Coronavirus.


In addition, the 4-level certified filtration system with Hepa H11 filter, positioned upstream of the motor in the vacuum cleaner (both for the LB3 L-ion Digital Pro and LB4 Digital Pro professional Superleggera models, and for the Valzer L-ion Digital Pro and Karisma L-ion Digital Pro domestic ones), guarantees in addition to a filtration level suitable for allergy sufferers and for health environments, also clean air for adequate motor cooling.


This feature guarantees optimal conditions to maintain maximum silence, full efficiency and absolute reliability of the motors over the years. The expected life time and sample tested for this motor exceeds 5000 hours while the average of a good brush motor on the market is about 500 hours.


Discover all the features of Digital Pro, the new line of vacuum cleaners (cordless!):


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