Lindhaus Digital Pro, at the top for low energy consumption

The new line of Lindhaus Digital Pro vacuum cleaners, built with Rotafil brushless motors to combine power, lightness and sustainability, and lithium-ion batteries to enhance their handling in cordless use, has among its strengths also a reduced level of consumption to be highlighted.


Compared to a traditional electric broom with 700W consumption, the new Digital Pro vacuums, with brushless motor, have a maximum consumption of 340W.


A significant feature that would already guarantee a saving in consumption of over 50%, except that the real consumption in electricity is that of the battery charger: 150W / h for 90 minutes necessary to recharge a battery with 60 minutes of running time.


By comparing the values, the consumption per hour is therefore 225W against 700W, which is equivalent to 33% of consumption of the new Rotafil brushless motor compared to the traditional electric motor.


Discover all the features of Digital Pro, the new line of vacuum cleaners (cordless!):


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