Lindhaus at ISSA Interclean Amsterdam with its new line of lithium ion battery cleaning machines

Lindhaus will be taking part in the ISSA Interclean exhibition in Amsterdam (May 15-18, 2018) showcasing its new full line of professional eco Force machines.


The new eco Force machines have a new design and technical specifications which combine maximum efficiency with the need for larger energy savings. The new Lindhaus multifunction cleaning machines are powered by lithium-ion batteries which are becoming more and more prevalent compared to its previous versions. The lithium-ion batteries have been specifically designed for the new Lindhaus machines.


The same battery is used in fact to power the LW30 Pro L-ion scrubber drier, the LS38 L-ion mini vacuum sweeper and the LB4 Superleggera L-ion backpack vacuum cleaner, which will be presented for the first time at ISSA Interclean Amsterdam.


Power, durability, and lightness are the characteristics of this professional battery that weighs 1.2 Kg., with 226 W / h, allows about 800 charging cycles and provides a high machine runtime.


Regarding the machines for wide surfaces, such as the LS50 Hybrid carpet cleaner and the LW46 Hybrid scrubber drier, they are powered by AGM Optima batteries. These batteries allow in particular a much longer discharge time and double the number of full recharge cycles compared to normal GEL batteries


Lindhaus will be at ISSA Interclean Amsterdam (May15-18, 2018)

Hall 3 Stand 03.304

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