LB4 Superleggera, the new backpack vacuum cleaner unique on the market


LB4 Superleggera, the new backpack vacuum cleaner unique on the market

Lightweight and versatile, it is suitable to be used as backpack, canister vacuum, carpet cleaner and blower

with one single machine.


A big news from Lindhaus for the commercial cleaning market.  The new backpack vacuum cleaner

LB4 Superleggera has unique features on the market.  No other vacuum cleaner includes the backpack

(standard), the canister, the carpet cleaner and blower (optional) functions.  Handy, lightweight and highly

versatile, thanks to only 3.8 kg on the electric version and 4.9 kg on the cordless version (battery included),  

LB4 Superleggera is ideal for cleaning any kind of hard and textile floor. It is equipped with the Lindhaus

patented M28R universal brush, it grants a perfect suction in every direction as also in the grooves.


High performances and fast cleanup

The machine has been built with a balanced ergonomic  breathable and fully adjustable backrest with

integrated accessory holder.  It is designed to be used in tough environments,  where it is required to

combine fast cleanup and high level of performance, in spite of furnishings  and narrow spaces, such as

cinemas, theaters, buses, trains, airplanes, conference rooms, stairs. The 6-stage filtration system grants

an efficiency filtration of 99.91% at 0.3 micron. For healthcare environments, with the Hepa filter (optional)

we get to 99.96%.


It can be converted into a carpet cleaner or canister vacuum. One of the strengths of the LB4 Superleggera

is certainly its versatility. Thanks to its practical design and its compact size , it can be easily converted into

a canister vacuum by fitting a special kit of 4 pivoting wheels. The electric version can be equipped with a

Lindhaus PB12e  power nozzle  complete with quick-fit electrified hose and wand kit to be converted into

a carpet cleaner with integrated dry cleaning function. By using a specific accessory that drives the air out

of the motor, the vacuum can also be used as blower.


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