A winning couple! The LB4 L-ion backpack vacuum cleaner + the new P30 universal nozzle suitable to collect large debris like popcorn

In order to respond effectively to the needs of people who have to remove quickly and efficiently debris up

to the size of popcorn, Lindhaus has created the special P30 universal nozzle. The new nozzle is combined

with the Lindhaus LB4 Superleggera backpack vacuum cleaner, an extremely user-friendly and lightweight

machine both in the battery and corded versions.  


The combination of LB4 L-ion Superleggera and the special nozzle P30 is certainly a winning choice and

particularly recommended for cleaning areas such as cinemas, theaters and public places in general.


The results obtained are shown in this video, such as the fast and total removal of any type of debris up to

a maximum diameter of 15 mm:




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