LB4 Digital Pro, the lightest professional cordless Backpack vacuum in the world

When we started thinking about creating a new backpack vacuum cleaner, we set ourselves the goal of creating the lightest vacuum in the world for this market segment and with the longest possible battery running time.


We started from the heart of the new LB4 Digital Pro vacuum by first choosing a new brushless digital motor, to combine top performance and sustainability. From here we developed the whole project that allowed us to create the LB4 Digital Pro back pack vacuum which, with its 3.8 kg weight (including the battery), is today truly the lightest vacuum in the world in its type.


A result obtained also thanks to the choice of a lighter motor than the electric one, because by using the Rotafil brushless motor we shifted from 1.6 kg to 0.45 kg.


The goal of extending battery life has also been achieved. With the lithium battery specifically designed for Lindhaus machines of the Digital Pro line, we managed to double the running time from 30 to 60 minutes, and improving by 15% in terms of power output.


Discover all the features of Digital Pro, the new line of vacuum cleaners (cordless!):


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