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Depur Air




The spread of Covid-19 in the world has greatly sensitized general attention to the quality of the air we breathe even in indoor places.


Lindhaus, always focused to these dynamics, has developed in recent months DepurAir, an innovative air purifier designed in particular to be used in clinics, offices, wellness centres, hotels, beauty centres and in general in all indoor places.


The technology chosen for DepurAir is safe, eco-friendly and particularly effective, being based on the use of ultraviolet (UV) light, whose germicidal radiations (about 254 nm at the UV-C wavelength) modify the DNA or the 'RNA of microorganisms (viruses, bacteria, fungi, mites) preventing their reproduction.


There are several bodies and organizations of global importance, such as OMS, EPA, CDC, ASHRAE, which recommend the use of UV-C technology for the disinfection of water, air and surfaces. In Lindhaus, to design DepurAir, we tried to amplify the properties of this technology by developing a machine that, in relation to its filtration power (190 m³ per hour, equal to a 70 m² room), could guarantee maximum filtration efficiency.


In fact, thanks to a PM 2.5 laser particle analyser, DepurAir automatically adjusts to the optimum speed to purify the air in the shortest possible time based on the amount of micro dust detected.


Inside the machine, the germicidal action takes place in a reflective flow tube with 3 UV-C LED lamps.


The air, already purified, before being reintroduced into the environment passes through a HEPA H13 filter impregnated with a germicidal substance which guarantees a filtration efficiency of 99.97%.


DepurAir, made with a stainless-steel external structure, is extremely silent (30/35 decibels) and can be programmed for automatic or manual operation at 4 speed levels.


The machine is available in two versions, in the electric version (DepurAir electric) and in the battery version (DepurAir battery), with the difference that the battery version is more compact, and therefore more easily transportable and installable, it has a 24V input to be powered in the buses and other means of transport and, where there is no power supply, it can be equipped with a lithium ion battery (optional).

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