How to use and maintain your RX eco Force carpet cleaner

Michele Massaro, Lindhaus’ president, guides you through the discovery of all the secrets of the

RX eco Force multifunctional, professional carpet cleaner. He reveals the tips to use it to the best

in order to preserve it and make it last at least 10 years. He also explains the use of onboard

accessories, how to change filters and brush roller in a few seconds. This is a very useful tutorial,

especially for salespeople, to make a complete and effective presentation of the machine to their


RX eco Force, with its 3 versions 380e / 450e / and 500e, the largest size available on the market,

is the evolution of the carpet cleaner that keeps being chosen by the US administration to clean the

White House since 2001.

A strong and reliable machine, among its strengths we highlight the stainless steel brush cover

and the 5-level filtration system with optional Hepa filter.



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