How to clean your mattress to remove bacteria?


How to clean your mattress to remove bacteria?

Periodic cleaning of mattresses is absolutely necessary to prevent the formation of bacteria that can cause allergies and dermatitis.

The cleaning of mattresses is often neglected not only in homes, but also in the hotel industry where, in view of the daily turnover there should be a special attention to cleanliness and health of its customers. Recent scientific studies * have shown in fact that, year by year, a variety of harmful bacteria, dangerous to the body, settle on mattresses and pillows.

Especially mites, microscopic little animals, are especially common cause of respiratory allergies, but they can also cause dermatitis. The temperature and the moisture produced by sweat represent conditions that promote their growth.

This is the reason why it is necessary to periodically clean the mattresses at home and even more in the hotel industry. Lindhaus has designed accessories specifically for the cleaning of mattresses. They are optional tools  for the multifunction vacuum cleaner HF6 Pro eco FORCE and the multifunction vacuum cleaner HEALTHCARE Pro eco FORCE. Watch the video about the cleaning of mattresses using the two machines:


Links to the video:

Lindhaus HF6 puliziamaterassocon vacuum / Cleaning of mattress with vacuum cleanerhttps: //

Lindhaus HPro puliziamaterasso with electric broom / Cleaning of mattress with electric broomhttps: //


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