2016: We keep focusing on quality as a strategic choice


2016: We keep focusing on quality as a strategic choice

The latest Lindhaus news will be presented at the ISSA Interclean in Amsterdam

In an increasingly difficult market, often lower the sales prices in an effort to be more competitive means also lower the quality level of the products and services to customers. These are situations that end up jeopardizing the prestige of a brand and also increasing the need for after-sales services to make up for the lower quality of the products.


In Lindhaus we continue to walk the road of quality and innovation. Allow us to explain this, with a focus on the energy certification of products that let us boast a classification to the top of the market both in the professional and domestic line.


We explore the "Quality" topic in Lindhaus lingering on the quality certifications that can boast scrubber driers, carpet and vacuum cleaners which we keep rigorously producing  in Italy . Over 250 components which compose our machines  come from suppliers located maximum 50 km from Lindhaus location. We therefore have a zero-km production which eases both the production stages and quality control.


The lifetime of the machines is guaranteed by 100% Made in Italy Rotafil motors. The motors last 1,200 hours without requiring any maintenance for the electric versions and 3,000 hours for the battery powered machines with which Lindhaus renews its success all over the world considering 83% export share of its own production.

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