Which hotel scrubber drier to choose

Professional floor scrubbers are an irreplaceable cleaning tool for hotels, because they allow to thoroughly wash all surfaces quickly and safely.

There are many different scrubber drier models available on the market, but choosing the right one is essential to achieve the best results. How to find the most suitable professional appliance? Let’s look at some features to evaluate to help you make your choice.

6 elements to consider when choosing a scrubber drier

Below we have collected 6 factors to take into consideration before purchasing a hotel scrubber drier.

1. Usage environment

To understand which product model to choose, first of all you need to evaluate in which environments the scrubber drier will be used. Are these rooms with large surfaces to be washed? Quite narrow corridors or rooms with lots of furniture?

Depending on the answers, you can opt for a more or less compact machine, able to satisfy all your needs.

2. Floor type

Another element on which to base the choice of the scrubber drier is the type of floors to be washed. Are these hard surfaces or carpet? Are the floors made of resistant or more delicate materials such as wood?

It is important to understand which surfaces will be treated, to find a machine that ensures maximum effectiveness and at the same time respects all the floors to be washed.

3. Easy handling and ergonomics

Since the hotel scrubber drier will be used intensively every day by the staff, it is essential that it is light and comfortable to use. The ease of handling and practicality of use will make cleaning operations simpler and quicker, without tiring the people who use the appliance.

4. Performance and consumption

When choosing professional machines, performance and consumption of energy and resources must always be analysed. It is advisable to select a powerful but efficient scrubber drier, able to wash and dry surfaces as best as possible with reduced use of electricity, water and detergents.

5. Accessories and features

The best scrubber driers are equipped with additional accessories and options that allow to adapt the machine’s use flexible based on particular needs.

Before choosing the model, it is useful to evaluate the accessories included and the features, as well as the possibility of personalisation through additional options.

6. Type of power supply

The last feature to consider is the type of power supply: is a battery-powered or corded scrubbing machine better? The cordless models are practical and suitable for use even in small spaces, while the corded devices are suitable for long cleaning sessions and in larger spaces.

The choice is obviously linked to the intended use of the machine and the main use you intend to make of it.

The Lindhaus range of hotel scrubber driers

The Lindhaus scrubber drier models are designed to meet the specific needs of hotels. Our products are easy to use and guarantee excellent cleaning results in a short time.

Thanks to the features and accessories they are equipped with, Lindhaus professional scrubber driers are perfect for any type of use and ensure quality and reduced consumption.