How to use a professional scrubber drier

The scrubber drier is a practical and functional machine, useful for washing large surfaces in a short time. Used mainly in professional environments such as hotels, car showrooms and offices, the scrubber drier can also be used for domestic floors.

The operation of this appliance is simple: the rotating brushes carry out the mechanical cleaning of the floor, washing it with water and detergents, and then the rubber squeegee and the suction nozzle ensure the drying of the surface.

To make the most of the functions of the scrubber drier, there are some points to pay attention to: let’s see them below.

How to prepare the professional scrubber drier for use

Before starting to use the professional machine, it is important to sweep or vacuum the floor to remove larger dirt residues, which could damage the scrubber drier.

Once this operation has been completed, fill the water tank to the indicated level and then add the floor detergent indicated by the appliance supplier. Also make sure that the brushes are suitable for the type of surface you want to wash, to avoid possible damage.

For battery-powered scrubbing machines, check the charge level before using them and recharge them if necessary.

How to use the scrubber drier in the best way

Once the appliance is prepared, it is time to turn it on. To wash floors, proceed continuously without stopping on individual points with the machine running.

For large spaces, wash following a path with parallel runners, so as to cover the entire surface and remove dirt and water effectively.

During cleaning operations, check the water level in the tank: if it runs out, immediately turn off the machine, empty the dirty water container and refill the clean water container, also adding the detergent as in the scrubber drier preparation phase.

Clean and maintain the scrubber drier

To prolong the life and correct functioning of the appliance, it is essential to take care of it. At the end of use, empty and clean the water tanks.

For complete maintenance, also wash the other components, such as the motor protection filter, the suction nozzles and the squeegee. Regularly check the state of wear of the components (like the brush roller) and replace them when necessary.

Why use a professional scrubber drier?

By making the best use of a floor scrubber drier, surfaces of any size can be washed quickly, safely and effectively. Especially for environments where many people pass through during the day, having a quick cleaning method available is essential.

Lindhaus professional scrubber driers are very easy to use and guarantee perfect results for any type of floor, with maximum efficiency. Also for cleaning domestic floors, we offer a compact scrubber drier model.

Easy to handle and equipped with the most modern technologies, such as the LW44 Flexy – LW52 Flexy models, all our machines are practical to use and guarantee quality and durability over time.