Electric broom with or without cord? Guide to choosing

For the cleaning of domestic, commercial or working environments, electric brooms are an excellent solution. Compact and easy to handle, these machines allow you to clean floors easily and do not take up too much space when they need to be stored.

On the market you can find corded models of electric brooms (power cable) or cordless ones (battery powered). Which is the best and which one to choose? In this article we see the main differences between the two types and how they work, to understand which electric broom is best to buy.

The differences between corded and cordless electric brooms

Apart from the type of power supply, there are some differences between the two types of appliances to consider before choosing the right model for your needs.


In general, rechargeable battery brooms have less power than “classic” corded machines. This is because powering with the cable through the electrical network allows to have motors with higher performance, which develop greater suction power.

A cordless electric broom can be powerful for less time than the traditional model, because if it had to maintain a high level of suction throughout its use, it would run out of power more quickly.

Clearly the performance depends from model to model and there are battery-powered electric brooms that are however very performing.


The most significant difference between the two types of electric broom is certainly the autonomy. While a cable machine connected to the electrical network can have unlimited power, a cordless broom necessarily has a limit on its duration of use due to the battery.

Also in this case, the autonomy of a lithium battery electric broom depends on the model chosen.

Easy handling

As regards the practicality of use, cordless brooms are certainly more comfortable and functional to use. If you don’t have an outlet nearby or if the power cord is too short, it can be difficult to reach all corners of the room with a traditional electric broom.

Battery-powered machines, on the other hand, can be transported and used wherever you want, without the need for connection to the electrical network.

How to choose the right electric broom for your needs

There is absolutely no “right” electric broom model for everyone: the choice depends on your needs, the characteristics of the place to be cleaned and the use you want to make of the appliance.

For example, if you have to vacuum large spaces for a long time, a corded broom may be more suitable, as it guarantees all the autonomy you need. On the other hand, for places that are more difficult to reach with the electric cable, a cordless model ensures perfect cleaning and great ease.

Lindhaus offers corded and cordless electric broom models, both for domestic and professional applications. All our products guarantee high standards of cleanliness, ease of use and maximum reliability.