Lindhaus born with one purpose only:

Designing and building globally the best professional and domestic multifunction carpet cleaners, 100% Made in Italy.

We aim for Italian excellence, throughout the entire supply chain of our products.
From the initial idea to construction and assembly,
everything is carried out in Padua. This guarantees our customers a product that is checked and designed down to the smallest details without passing through “outside hands.”

We put passion into what we do. Every day we are faced with choices based on the type of raw materials and technologies used to ensure the highest quality at every stage of the life cycle of each of our products.

For us, SUSTAINABILITY is not just a nice, fashionable word.

For almost 40 years we have been building and selling machines that last, generation after generation,
We don’t want to participate in the throwaway market.

Aware of how important it is to preserve
and respect the environment in which we live, we have decided to undertake some strategies.

We produce more than 95 percent of our
energy needs.

In 2023 we carried out a major restructuring of the whole company. We remade all the windows and fixtures and the heating system. The exterior walls were insulated, the lighting system was redone with LED lights. The company is now Class A.

We recycle 100% of our production waste: plastic, steel, copper.

100% of the energy we buy is produced exclusively from renewable sources.

Our machines have high cleaning and filtration efficiency, allowing clean air to be re-emitted into the environment.

We print most of our manuals on recycled paper.

The brushless digital motor is the result of long development work carried out in synergy with Rotafil, parallel to the
development of electronic management.
The result in terms of size, weight (450 g only), performance and noise level is truly exceptional if compared
with the best brushless motors on the market today.
We managed to reduce consumption by around 50% with the same performance compared to the excellent Rotafil
brush motor mounted on our LB4 L-ion backpack machine

All machines on the market have CE marking, which is a self-certification by the manufacturer.
We don’t settle for that. Every Lindhaus machine has a quality certification based on the type of product and the country in which it is sold.

Tutte le macchine in commercio hanno la marcatura CE, ovvero un’autocertificazione
del produttore.

Noi non ci accontentiamo.
Ogni macchina Lindhaus ha una
certificazione di qualità
in base al tipo di prodotto e al paese in cui viene venduto.

Italian quality brand for domestic products
and compact  scrubber dryers.

Finnish quality brand used for
all professional and hybrid scrubber dryers.

Quality mark used for all the machines we sell in the American and Canadian markets, carpet cleaners, electric brooms and corded machines.

Quality mark certifying compact washer-dryers
for the American and Canadian markets.

Quality mark obtained for the Russian market on all
machines for domestic and professional use and
on Lindhaus cleaners.

Quality mark obtained for the Chinese market on all
Lindhaus carpet cleaners.