LB3 Digital Pro

Battery-powered broom / carpet cleaner ideal for cleaning mixed professional environments (floors and carpets)


LB3 Digital Pro is the ideal machine for cleaning any type of floor, rug and carpet.


The absence of the cable allows you to move with great ease, saving valuable time compared to corded models. The new brushless digital motor allows for reduced consumption by about 50% with the same performance compared to brush motors, thus allowing 60 minutes of continuous work to be achieved.


The machine is powered by a 36V-6Ah Lithium-ion battery which is the same (and therefore interchangeable) used in all the machines of the Lindhaus L-ion Digital Pro line: LB4 (backpack vacuum cleaner), LS38 (mini sweeper), LW30 (compact scrubbing machine).


LB3 can be equipped with electronic power nozzles M30e – M38e 36V (optional) for the thorough cleaning of rugs and carpets of any type. In addition, with the application of the supplied DCS conveyor, the power nozzles are transformed for the dry cleaning function of rugs and carpets.


The versatility of this machine also allows you to sanitize mattresses using a soft roller (optional mattress kit) which, thanks to its 4000 rpm, creates a vibration on the mattress which, combined with brushing and suction, ensures effective cleaning in depth.