What is the best hotel vacuum cleaner?

In a hotel the environments must always be clean and impeccable, to transmit a positive idea of the structure to the guests. Whether it is the common spaces (such as the hall and restaurant) or the bedrooms, everything must give an image of order and hospitality.

To ensure the cleanliness of any type of environment, the professional vacuum cleaner is an essential ally. There are many different models of this device on the market, but which is the most suitable one? In this article we see how to choose the perfect vacuum cleaner for hotels.

The features of professional vacuum cleaners for hotels

To find the best machine for hotel cleaning, there are a few factors to consider. Obviously, in addition to the characteristics of the vacuum cleaner, it is also necessary to evaluate your needs and usage habits.

Easy handling and practicality

In hotels there are different spaces to be cleaned every day: large or narrow places, rooms with little furniture or occupied by chairs and tables, floors made of different materials and with different types and degrees of dirt.

A professional vacuum cleaner must be able to adapt to all these needs, be practical, compact and easy to handle, easy to move and to use in any situation. In addition to classic corded appliances, modern battery-powered vacuum cleaners can also be considered, to move even more easily.


Cleaning in a hotel must be carried out in a respectful and discreet way: for this reason, a hotel vacuum cleaner must be as silent as possible. By adopting a professional machine with reduced noise emissions, it will be possible to carry out all daily operations without disturbing the guests’ stay.

Power and performance

Before purchasing a hotel vacuum cleaner, it is essential to analyse the suction power and energy consumption. A professional machine must guarantee high performance and excellent cleaning standards quickly and efficiently.

Furthermore, you must also consider the features and accessories supplied, which can be particularly useful if you want to opt for a multifunction vacuum cleaner model.

Durability and reliability

Last but not least, the durability of the vacuum cleaner over time. Hotel appliances are subjected to intensive and continuous use and must ensure resistance and maximum reliability, to avoid service interruptions.

Quality and performance: the Lindhaus range of professional vacuum cleaners

To meet the specific needs of the hospitality sector, Lindhaus offers a wide range of professional vacuum cleaners for hotels. Our products focus on quality, practicality and performance to guarantee cleaning results of the highest level.

The technologies and functions with which Lindhaus vacuum cleaners are equipped simplify cleaning work and make all operations faster.

The ideal machine to meet all requirements is the LS38 mini sweeper, available in corded and battery-operated versions. It can be used on both hard floors and carpets. Thanks to the mechanical action of two counter-rotating rollers and the excellent suction of the Rotafil motor, it is perfect for fast and impeccable cleaning!

In our catalogue there are battery-powered models with or without cable, lightweight backpack or traditional vacuum cleaners, perfect to meet every request.